Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sweet Bunny Dress

I had to take a break the other night from smocking Anna Cate's Easter dress to work on a quick, fun Easter project.  I'd much rather work on a little project that can be completed in an hour instead of one that takes night after night of my attention!  

Using the Simplicity A line dress pattern (best $3.50 I've spent at Wal-Mart!) I fashioned this little bunny dress for her to wear around for spring.  Instead of taking the time to add the buttons and button holes, I just made the shoulder straps a bit longer so that they can tie.  Easy fast fix that looks adorable!  She can wear this style dress with a little white top or later, when the weather warms up, by itself as a sundress. It turned out so cute and was so easy that I'm already looking for more fabric to sew up some other sundresses for her to wear this summer.   

It's a good thing my grandmother doesn't read this blog because she'd have me skinned alive if she saw Anna Cate outside barefooted before May 1st!  Funny that has always been one of her strict rules. :)

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