Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fancy Washing Gloves

Several years ago, I made some fun gloves for the girls in my Bible Study.  It was a group of newly married ladies and our teacher was encouraging us to find joy in our work at home (washing dishes, folding laundry, dusting, etc.)  I made a pair for each girl so they could have a little more fun while standing over those dirty dishes at the kitchen sink! :)

I had totally forgotten about them until one of my friends who was in the Bible study requested several pair for some wedding gift baskets she was putting together.  The first ones I made had sequins dangling from the ribbon, but she requested some fabric flowers instead and they turned out SO CUTE!  I wanted to share this idea because it would make a darling gift (birthday, Mother's Day, wedding, shower, etc) for almost any lady!  You just sew the ribbon around the base of the glove and then make two fabric flowers to attach to each one.  

* I used the white Mr. Clean brand gloves that are lined with a soft flannel.  They hold up much longer than the regular yellow kind and the soft inside makes them feel more plush! I can usually find them in Wal-Mart.

**You may experience some trouble sewing the ribbon to the glove with a sewing machine.  I had to try several times to get the machine to stitch the ribbon without tearing the glove.  You may choose to hand-stitch the ribbon instead.  

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