Friday, March 6, 2009


I wanted to share this special doll because she is truly one of a kind and has such a sweet story behind her creation. 

 Her name is "Ruthie" and she is a very special present for Gracie, who's 3rd birthday is later this month.  Gracie's mom, Heather, contacted me about making her because her own mother passed away 3 years ago while Heather was pregnant with Gracie.  She wanted her daughter  to have a special keepsake of her grandmother so she mailed me some of her mom's old clothes to use to make a doll.   Gracie requested that she have black eyes, light pink lips, and a pink bow.  She also wanted her to be named "Ruthie."  She turned out so precious that it was hard for me to let her go!  I hope Gracie will love her for years to come. 

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