Monday, September 29, 2008

Fresh from the Oven

Yum yum these cookies look scrumptious! I whipped up a batch this weekend to give my little baker for Christmas, but they turned out so cute, I'm not sure I can wait that long to give them to her!

I'm planning on making her a little apron out of the polka dot material and also getting a small rolling pin from the craft store to go with them. 

They were a fast and easy project, and would make the sweetest birthday present for a little girl.  All you need is felt for the cookies and icing, some beads for the sprinkles, coordinating embroidery floss, and some polyfill to put inside them to make them squishy.  

To Make:  

-I used a biscuit cutter as a template to cut out two circles from the cream felt.  

-Then, I cut out the "icing" from the pink and/or brown felt. 

 -Next, I stitched the beads onto the icing and top piece of cookie.  

-To finish them up, I used this tutorial , from fabric designer Anna Maria Horner, on felt stitching to stitch around the edge.  

-Before I stitched the cookie completely closed, I stuffed a small pinch of polyfill in the center to puff them up a bit. 

 Now who is ready for a tea party?  

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Jess said...

these are just too sweet! my little nieces would have so much fun with a batch of these! :)