Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blissful Living Studios

I just discovered this delightfully refreshing website several weeks ago and I wish SO BADLY there was something like this available here.  Too bad they are all the way out in Arizona.   You can do everything from yoga classes, to sewing an apron, to scrapbooking, to hosting a baby shower!   

What could be more fun that a bunch of ladies sitting around socializing while working on some fabulous new craft?  It reminds me of the stories my grandmother shares with us about the "quilting circles" when women use to gather together to sew and share stories with one another.   

This excerpt taken from their site pretty much sums up the purpose of their studio: 

"What is Blissful Living about? Having peace and happiness in the home. Being Creative, feeling empowered & organized- having it "together" and living with purpose. Being the best for our families and ourselves. This Lifestyle Workshop/ Studio was developed with this in mind... It is about creating- sharing- developing talents and making the most of each day. Blissful Living is designed to enrich the lives of families through classes, special events & workshops to help you develop talents & make memories for years to come."

WOW.  What a great concept and fun job to have!   (Katie, maybe one day when our children are grown and if we ever live in the same town again, we could start something like this together.   Her store,  Domestic Bliss, reminds me of the type of shop you said you always wanted to have.)
For now, since I can't travel to Mesa, AZ for one of their parties or classes, I'll just have to settle for visiting them online for a quick fix of inspiration.   To see more, you can visit them online HERE.  I highly recommend it. ;)

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KatieHD said...

You know I would LOVE that!!! Yesterday Roddy and I were just discussing what I would do if I weren't chasing children all day. What a fabulous idea!!! You guys need to come visit and help me finish decorating. I just bought a new charger for our camera (the other one disappeared during the move), so I'll take some pictures and see what you think. We're on the lookout for some fun fabric for curtains and pillows at the moment. Let me know of anything interesting you know about!