Friday, September 26, 2008

And the Winner of the Doll Kit is...

Comment #10 posted by The Thompson Family 
who said  "I love Olivia."  

Thanks to everyone who participated!  For those of you who really want to make your own doll, I'll be offering B1G1 sale in the shop sometime next week when my new order of flannel comes in.  I'll announce it here blog before the doll kits go on sale for those who are interested!  


Rebecca said...

I am going to be watching your blog DAILY bc I have been wanting to order a doll to make for my niece for Christmas and also for my son to give his new baby sister ( due to arrive in early December) so your B1G1 will be a GREAT deal for me!
by the way- I love your blog- I am a friend of Carrie's from Clemson ( Becca Adams). Your dolls are ABSOLUTELY adorable and although I am not very crafty- I LOVE to do things that other people have created so I cant wait to try out your kits=)

Crafty Chick said...

Hi Becca! I remember you from Clemson's FCA. :) I think you were several years ahead of me.

Thanks for leaving a comment! It helps motivate me to know others are reading and getting ideas from the blog. I'll be sure to announce the sale so everybody who is interested in the dolls for Christmas presents can go ahead and get an early start making them. ;)

PS- Congrats on your new baby girl!!