Friday, January 9, 2009

Inspiration for Bedroom Design

Long time - no post! Now that the holidays are behind us and I'm over the yucky sick phase of pregnancy, I'm feeling inspired to get busy creating again!  My two big projects right now are pulling together a girly room for Anna Cate and decorating the nursery for the next baby. 

 I just can't decide on the look I want for Anna Cate's room.  Do I go with soft pastel pinks and greens or bolder fabric that I can pull lots of color for her room?  One on hand, I think a bedroom should be soothing and relaxing, yet children's spaces should be colorful and bursting with creativity and imagination.  If I could just make a choice on my fabric, then I could start pulling all of the other details together.  Oh decisions, decisions!  

Here are some photos I've found online that have inspired me.   

If I do end up upholstering a headboard for her, this is the fabric I've found that is my favorite so far.  I could pull other fabrics with pinks, greens, and yellows to make her pillows, bed skirt, and curtains from.   

I also know that I'd love to incorporate some sort of shelving to display all of her favorite books.  The covers are too cute to have hidden on a bookshelf and I'd love to incorporate them as artwork in her room. 

 One last idea is that I plan on making a bunch of dolls and have them sitting on her shelves and bed.  The books and dolls alone will add punches of color by themselves, so maybe I should go with bolder colors. 

So stay tuned...I've got lots of fun projects to get started on once I decide on my colors! :)


Reece said...

Just don't go as bold and bright as we did. But I definitely like the bold colors. Anything you do will look fabulous!

Aaron and Kendra said...

i vote bold and bright! and i love the book display idea! can't wait to see what you come up with...

SaucyMomOf3 said...

I just did lime green on 2 of Bella's walls and it looks awesome! I am not a bold color person, but was brave. It was totally worth it.

Andry said...

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