Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Goodies for Sweet Ava

A couple of weekends ago, I had the honor of helping give a baby-shower for a very dear friend, Ashley, who is expecting her first daughter (Ava) in January.  I was in charge of making the corsage and something to use as a "centerpiece" on the food table.

  Instead of the traditional corsage, another of our friends suggested that I make a large fabric flower that she could wear for the shower and then later pin on her diaper bag.  I'm going to have to steal this idea of other showers because it turned out super cute!  Thanks for the idea Carrie! ;)

Ava's nursery colors are green and pink, so I found some cute scrapbook paper at the craft store to cover the letters of her name.  We used this on the food table as a decoration and then Ashley can use it for decor in her nursery! I also used some of the paper to cover a wooden frame (also from the craft store) to make a coordinating frame for her nursery.   

Then last, but certainly not least, I sewed some pink and green fabric to the bottom ends of cloth diapers to make the most stylish burping cloths!  They were so cute I wanted to keep them for myself, even though I have absolutely no use for burping cloths right now.  Ashley and Ava got so many fun and girly things...she is going to be one stylin' baby!! :)


Rebecca said...

mc- CUTE STUFF- I know Ashley LOVED IT!! I have a ?- where do you get your fabric from?!? I have bought the burp cloths but have been looking for some cute girly and boyish fabric as I have several friends due in the next month or 2 and want to make them some cute burp cloths!

Crafty Chick said...

Hi Becca!
I usually find most of my fabric for my dolls or dresses for my daughter from Hobby Lobby. If you sign up for the e-mail, they will e-mail you a coupon each week for 40%. Their fabric is usually priced around 4.99 - 5.99 a yard, so with the coupon it is a good deal. (Also check Hancock Fabric and even Wal-mart's craft section).

I've found it is easier to find fabric for girls than for boys. You can do polka dots, flowers,etc. for girls, but I have seen cowboys, sailboats, and spaceships on fabric before for boys. If you can't find any fabric specifically designed for boys you could always use a green or blue seersucker. That is always cute. :)

However, the fabric I used for Ashley's burp cloths I bought online from another etsy seller, Fabric Supplies. It was a splurge and a little more pricy, but I loved it and have already used it for several projects. His website is: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5680709
My fabric arrived 3 days after ordering it and I was very pleased.
Good luck with your burp cloths!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks soo much MC- if you will email me- I will send you an invite to my blog- ( if youd like) cannonsc3@gmail.com

Stacey said...

So cute!!! I could save myself slot of money if I could just learn how to do these things. :-)