Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nursery Room Favorites

Caroline is already 12 weeks old and I have yet to finish up the nursery! We've been piecing it together bit by bit since June and here are some of my favorite things from this little room of the house:

I LOVE this fabric (Gypsy Spring) and found some online to make the dust ruffle and had enough left over scraps to recover the shade on the floor lamp.

For artwork over the crib, I replaced the sailboats with a set of flowers that I also created using leftover scrap-booking paper I had from previous projects. All four prints together say "Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?" and I love the way they coordinate perfectly with her butterfly mobile.

Her room wouldn't be complete without a Rosie Posie doll, and I snagged this pillow from Anna Cate's room (which is STILL a work in progress) for now to use in the crib.

This print from Sarah Jane Studios is another one of my favorite things in her nursery. I found the frame from Goodwill for 50 cents and gave it a facelift with some white Krylon paint. I love the little detailing on the frame - it is subtle, but adds just a little character to picture.

This little shelf hangs over the dresser we also use as a changing table. I'm looking for a white mirror to hang over the dresser, but for now, this is how we have the little shelf decorated until I can find just the right mirror to replace it.

And last, but certainly not least, this is probably my most favorite thing about her nursery...the little ballerina who can't seem to leave her little sister alone long enough for her to even take a nap! Caroline's crib is the first place Anna Cate runs in the morning to get her sister up and she constantly is asking to get her while Caroline is napping. So sweet!

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